Our mission is to directly serve and support over one million female business leaders across the globe...

I'm Amanda Davies and my team and I help ambitious women like you be a force for good, make meaningful money and live life on your terms. 

Whether you're looking to make the leap into entrepreneurship or want to grow and scale your current business, my team and I are here to help guide you every step of the way.

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Amanda is the go-to expert when it comes to developing rising female business leaders in the online service industry.

Professional Bio

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Amanda is an experienced business strategist, registered psychologist and change leadership specialist for small business owners.

In 2017, Amanda was named a finalist in the National Business Awards UK - shortlisted to just 8 finalists out of 1,500 nominees in the 'New Entrepreneur of the Year' category. She was specifically recognised for her work in developing female business leaders and rising talent.

Amanda also brings her extensive background of working as a senior executive in the corporate world to her work. For 15 years, she worked with some of the largest and most recognised brands in the world on business change, strategy, marketing and communications projects. Amanda led large teams of 70+ people and is a recognised and respected leader in her field.

Amanda worked with top leadership talent across the globe and supported companies through award-winning transformational change programs. 

Amanda is also a qualified Reiki practitioner and naturopathic nutrition advisor who has been featured in well known publications such as The Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mind Body Green and The Debrief.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, she currently lives in London with her husband Daniel and their two fur-babies.

The world is calling for the next generation of female leaders - women who are ready to step up, speak up and earn big...

Here's what we stand for...

Everything my team and I do in business is underlined by our shared values and kindness. Here are the beliefs we bring wholeheartedly to our our clients and our community:

First - we are straight-talking, go-getting and full of integrity. 

Without integrity, nothing else matters. This means that we are 100% transparent and our actions always align with what we say (we practise what we preach). We will never let you do anything that isn't in your best interests - this includes you not taking action. We will also tell you straight-up if we can't help you (and refer you to someone who can).

We will always be kind, but kindness doesn't mean soft - sometimes it's about holding a mirror up to the truth of your situation and supporting you through it. Peeling back the layers isn’t always easy

Second - we believe in making the world a better place through business.

We believe that your business is just a vehicle for you to get your greater purpose and your message out there into the world. We believe every single person on this planet has a unique set of gifts, skills and talents and the world needs what you've got - not someday/maybe/never. Now. 

Helping you live your purpose is at the heart of what we do...

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Third - we believe in helping female founders earn big so they can GO big. 

The stage is set for the next generation of purpose-led, female leaders to step-up... which is why we're so passionate about developing them.  

We refuse to watch talented, driven women not live up to their full potential. So many incredibly talented, new business owners are failing because they're clueless around what moves the needle in the online marketplace. What worked 12 months ago, no longer works. We're here to help you with that via our transformational programs and world-class support. 

We believe the bigger you earn, the bigger your impact. Why? Because you can serve more people through your business...

Fourth - we believe in results.

Results and data talks. We have spent years creating and refining our programs and solutions. We've tested everything we teach and we give our clients the whole picture and the most direct approach to achieving results in their businesses.

So many other programs give you little pieces of the puzzle (that don't really work in isolation) and expect you to figure the rest out. We give you the end-to-end solution to build and scale your business.

We also work alongside you as it’s the personal guidance that makes the real difference. This is why we don’t offer e-courses - because, we know that to get where you want to go, you need real, transformational, hands-on support.

Finally, we believe in positivity, commitment and a can-do attitude.

Bottom line, the people who are resourceful, committed and put the work in, get results.

We're not in the business of dragging people across the proverbial finish line if they're not ready to do the work or show up fully for their dream (eg., we can't want your success more than you).

The people who stop waiting for 'the right time' to take action and the go-getters are the ones who thrive. We cannot help the dabblers or the people trying to take cheap short-cuts. At the end of the day, the business guessing game is not a smart strategy - so if you’re serious about your success, reach out and get the support you need. 

That's what we believe and that's why we're here. 

There has been no better time to create a business that lights you up and impacts millions...

Here's how we roll...

The detailed and high-touch nature of the work we do is one of the things that sets us apart in the coaching and consulting industry. This is why our program graduates and clients are so successful - because a) they want it and are ready to do the work and b) they invest in world-class support. As such, we only ever have a limited number of spaces available in our programs at any one time. 

All of our programs and private coaching packages cover three pillars:

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We see so many new and aspiring business owners make the mistake of thinking they 'need a better strategy' when their business is struggling. Having the right strategy is a must (and we teach this in all of our programs), but the right mindset, positioning and energy is what really moves the needle - so we never skip it. 

Amanda's story...

From a very young age, I knew I was supposed to be helping people. I grew up in a tiny town on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia and the vision around what I wanted to create seemed unattainable for someone like me - an average, country girl. 

Somewhere around the age of 18, my passion and my calling got "filed" away - I put it into the Basket of Silly Dreams and went about pursuing a sensible career. Perhaps you can relate?

My ambition and drive to succeed burned very bright and completed my masters degree when I was 25. I relocated to London soon after and climbed the corporate ladder very quickly where I began leading a team of over 60 people by the age 30 - I took on huge responsibilities and threw myself into my work wholeheartedly.

I pushed and strived and I was rewarded for my work. I slept with my Blackberry under my pillow and I often answered emails at 3am. This was normal to me. 

Not enough people are talking about work addiction. It is rewarded, revered and even glamourised...

Meanwhile, my health, relationships and everything else was tumbling down around me. Something inside called for me to slow down and pay attention. I felt called to reconnect with that woman who knew exactly what she was here to do in the world. 

My desire to serve others and create in a way that lit me up, guided me onto a new path...

Although I was so grateful for the opportunities and my career up until that point, I knew I wanted to create a legacy.

Perhaps you feel the same way?

If so, I would love to connect with you personally so we can discuss your situation and create a plan to get you there faster. 


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