Bonus Training Bundle

Here's your bundle, lovely. Bookmark this page.


1.  My 3-part 'Passion to Profit' audio training series

30mins - this is about how to put yourself 'out there', why your work is needed & how to charge for your service-based or healing work


2. Webinar lecture on '6 Steps from Lost to Lit-Up'

30mins - I talk you through the 6 transformational steps I took to get clarity and start my dream business.


3. 'Bustin' Blocks' audio training

15mins - we bust through money-blocks and the fear of 'not being enough'.


4. 'How to Put a Price' on what you do

25mins - Reflections after my interview with The Guardian, a UK National newspaper. I share detailed insights on how to charge for your services as a soulpreneuer plus some tips on preparing for a media interview.


5. 'Do What You Love' guided meditation

20mins - chakra-based meditation designed to help you achieve clarity and connection to your higher self. 

I hope you enjoyed this bundle - it's a juicy one! 

You can always email us as with any questions and we'll get back to you in a jiffy!

With love,

Amanda & Team Light Purpose Living x