Through my work, I've recognised that we all have a deep, innate desire to understand and express our unique purpose in this world. 

This desire often (but not always) arises off the back of pain experienced in our life. It could be pain caused by:

- A health crisis

- Losing a job

- Trauma

- Family issues

- Feeling deeply moved or hurt by a problem in the world

- Feeling trapped

... the list goes on!

I believe we all have a duty to process our pain and get ourselves to the point where our desire to 'find our purpose' is no longer about us... 

It becomes about serving others. 

Doing the work and preparing ourselves to be of service is possibly the greatest gift we can give to the world. 

I believe this is our purpose. 

God knows, the world needs more heart-led leaders who are set on making a difference... 

You are what the world is crying out for. 

Everyday, someone emails me and asks how they can go about 'finding' their purpose. They feel lost and overwhelmed. 

They've come through the pain and now they're left standing alone, rubbing their eyes and thinking 'ok, now what'?

Is any of this resonating with you?

If so, I totally get it. Just 18 months ago, I was asking myself the same 'now what' question...

I'd just spent the previous two years in therapy processing trauma upon trauma from my past with the help of an incredible therapist called Annie - she had this mane of curly blonde hair and literally looked like an angel (which of course she is) ;-) I saw her weekly - Tuesdays 5:30pm without fail. For two frickin' years.

I was finally pain-free after my own health-crisis, I was working in another 'amazing' corporate job and I found myself in a loving new relationship. I'd also found a connection to intuitive gifts I always knew I had.

Things were looking up to say the least.

But still I wondered.

'Now what'?

So if you're on the other side of your pain and you find yourself in the position of asking yourself 'now what', here's some advice -

1. Draw on that inner-fire and resilience to find answers by taking action...

I sat for what felt like weeks (years?!) trying to 'think through' how I could put all of my experience, qualifications, passions and new-found desire to be of service, to good use.

I knew I wanted to transition into a meaningful career that felt more aligned to my soul's calling, but what was it exactly and how could I make it happen?

I brainstormed, I journaled, I did a few online courses, I read books, downloaded alllll the freebies, and soaked-up every scrap of knowledge I could (which was fabulous)...


It didn't move me forward.

I was tying myself up in knots and I was still totally confused. I prayed for (yet another) miracle.

The next day I discovered coaching.

- Within a week, I made the decision to work with my own coach
- I set-up Light Purpose Living two weeks later
- I launched my website a month later
- Booked my first client
- Booked another client. And another. And another etc...
- Built my list by thousands
- (Thought to myself, holy crap this is working, hit an 'upper-limit')
- Quit my full-time corporate job 3 months later
- Hit 6-figures in the first 10 months of business

This is what can happen when you just take action. Even small steps (it all adds up over time). Clarity and results come from being engaged... Not from sitting around and overthinking the 'now what' question.

I learned that lesson the hard way!

One of the books that changed my life during this time, signed by its inspirational author, Rebecca Campbell. Her note to me was spot-on. Keep dancing, Keep being MOVED. Action.

One of the books that changed my life during this time, signed by its inspirational author, Rebecca Campbell. Her note to me was spot-on. Keep dancing, Keep being MOVED. Action.

2. Give yourself permission to really 'go there' when dreaming about the type of life you want

For the longest time, I didn't allow myself to dream big. As I sat, over-thinking my purpose (!), I would always operate within the confines of my current capabilities, rather than giving myself permission to be limitless and expansive. 

I was playing small and feeling the harsh bite of a scarcity mindset - a scarcity of resources, time, money, skills, qualifications, support, faith and self-belief.

Here's what I know for sure. The western world is full of abundance, but we're conveniently taught not to see it (maybe even fear it). 

How often are we told (sometimes subliminally) 'rich people are greedy' or 'you shouldn't charge for your work' or 'there's not enough to go around' or 'you need another qualification to do that' or 'you don't have the skills you need'.

I call bullsh*t.

If you want to move past the nagging feeling of 'now what' or 'what's my purpose', you need to think and dream big. Bigger than ever. Then surround yourself with people who will support you on your journey. 

It's about raising your vibration to match the quality of life you want to attract.

Really go there because you're ready for this.

Stay expansive and limitless. 

Go after your dreams one step at a time. 

Realise you're capable of so much more than you think. 

Be open to things changing quickly for you. 

Show up and take action, always.

If you're ready to explore ways to create a business that's an expression of your soul's calling, send me a note at I always reply!

With love and total belief in you,

Amanda xo