Our mission is to directly serve and support over one million female business leaders across the globe...

Light Purpose Living is about nurturing the next generation of ambitious, purpose-driven business leaders.

I'm Amanda Davies and I help women like you be a force for good, make meaningful money and live life on your terms. 

Whether you're looking to take the leap into entrepreneurship, progress in your chosen career or up-level your current business, I'm here to help guide you every step of the way.

The world is calling for the next generation of female leaders. It's time to acknowledge the call, kick the fear and start living on-purpose

A Bit About My Style…

There are three principles I live by in my business...

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The detailed and high-touch nature of the work I do, is one of the things that sets me apart as a consultant and coach, which is why I only ever have a limited number of spaces available in my programs at any one time. 

Having a powerful mentor is unlike any other experience you will have. Imagine having a go-to person to help keep you on track, help you move past mindset blocks, inspire ideas, provide structure when you need it and offer tailor-made business expertise. You will not get this from reading a million books or trying to piece it all together yourself. I will challenge you, I will cheer you on and hold out the swear jar when you need it... 

I’m a leadership coach and business mentor for driven women (and organisations) with soulful roots. I'm also a nutrition-nut, Italian food-junkie, travel lover and most of all, I believe in creating a life and business that lights you up and makes meaningful money and impact.

Birthing a new life and stepping into our true power as a leader is no cakewalk, which is why so few people do it

Professional Bio

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Amanda is a business mentor, registered psychologist and transformational leadership coach for small businesses and solo-entrepreneurs. She has won awards for her change and communications work for some of the largest and most recognised brands in the world. She has recently been named a finalist in the National Business Awards here in the UK - shortlisted to just 8 finalists out of 1,500 nominees.

Amanda was one of the youngest students to graduate with her Masters degree in Management and worked as a senior executive in the corporate world for 15 years where she developed some of the top leadership talent and led companies through award-winning transformational change programs. 

Amanda is also a qualified Reiki practitioner and naturopathic nutrition advisor who has been featured in well known publications such as The Times, Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Mind Body Green and The Debrief.

Live on purpose. Do what lights you up...

My Story

From the age of 7, I knew I was supposed to be a writer. A speaker. An artist. A helper. I loved people and nature. I was a small town girl from a tiny country town in Australia. I was extremely sensitive and in-tune with the world around me from a young age. But somewhere along the line, my true calling got "filed" away... 


I always wanted to be "the best". I completed my masters degree when I was 25 and I was determined to become the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company (eye roll). 

I had climbed the corporate ladder quickly and I was leading a team of over 60 people by the age 30 and travelling all over the world with my work. I relocated to London and started earning a sizeable salary and was entrusted with managing multi-million dollar projects in the cut-throat Management Consulting industry.


My soul called for me to slow down and pay attention. I had to find a new path. I had to reconnect with that woman who knew exactly what she was here to do in the world. After a while, the signs were obvious. The universe put people and circumstances in my way and began to guide me onto a new path.

I read more. I reached out. I communed with my heart. I swore when I needed to. I fed myself nourishing food. I re-connected with myself. I wrote. I listened to the niggles of my soul. I found teachers in all shapes and forms. 

In just a few short years, I'm now grateful for having built an increidbly successful business. I've recently been named a finalist in the National Business Awards here in the UK and I've been featured in publications such as...

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Leadership is not about having all of the answers. It's about having the courage to go first & a willingness to fight for the type of life you want