Our 'why'... Our mission

Our mission is to impact one million female business leaders across the globe...

Light Purpose Living is about nurturing the next generation of heart-led, female business leaders.

I'm Amanda Davies and I help women entrepreneurs like you be a force for good, lead by example and live on your terms. 

Whether you are looking to take the leap and set-up your own online business, progress in your chosen field or fine-tune your current business, I'm here to help. 

The world is calling for the next generation of female leaders. It's time to acknowledge the call, kick the fear and step onto your path. 

I work with new and aspiring entrepreneurs who care about making a positive impact on the world. You recognise that by shining your light, you illuminate the path for others to follow. 

Leadership is not about having all of the answers. It's about having the courage to go first & a willingness to fight for the type of life you want. 

Here's what I believe...

I believe your business can (and should) be an expression of your soul's calling.

I believe your business should allow you freedom, fun and create financial abundance.

I believe business should be simple.

I believe you can and should get help to make your dreams a reality, feel accountable and learn from those who have come before you.

I believe you're courageous and have a story that needs to be told.

I believe your inner-leader is ready to step out and call the shots in her own life. 

I believe it's time to get visible, make money and revolutionise the way we live.

Are you ready to...

  • Courageously show-up for your dreams?
  • Cultivate the confidence you need to create a profitable business / grab that next promotion / put a rocket up the backside of your existing business?
  • Gain clarity on your vision, soul's calling and mission?
  • Raise your game and get clear on your life and business goals?
  • Overcome old beliefs about money so you can attract wealth and abundance?
  • Identify and attract the people you want to serve?
  • Build your list of potential clients?
  • Deal with fear, negative emotions and blocks that may be holding you back?
  • Navigate online marketing platforms and systems so your business can scale?
  • Develop structures that will help you increase your income and ensure consistent leads?
  • Make $5k - $10k months your new normal?
  • Learn to do all of this while still in your 9-5 job or juggling other commitments?

If so, then you're in the right place. 

I work with clients all around the world and I know you’re one of those deliciously ambitious, passionate women who dreams bigger than most.

If you are a new or aspiring:

  • Coach / mentor
  • Healer
  • Health or wellbeing expert
  • Creative
  • Consultant
  • Service-based business owner
  • Corporate girl looking to grab her next promotion or exit and start her own business

... then let me help you step into your best life. I worked for 15 years for some of the biggest brands in the world helping them transform into something bigger and better and develop their leadership talent. As a registered psychologist, I also use my love of mindset and principles of high performance to help my clients overcome fears and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck. As a 6-figure online business owner, I can help you master the skills and mindset necessary to create your own successful business.

Helping phenomenal women like you step into your highest potential is my passion. If you're ready to create your dream life and business, I can help you.

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