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It's time to grow your business and step into your role as the powerful female leader you truly are. You're ready to play a bigger game and I'm here to support you with smart, sustainable business strategy and my rock-solid approach to psychology and mindset. 

If you're really honest with yourself, your levels of motivation, income and energy are inconsistent, right?

There's no doubt you're heart-led and a powerful visionary. But you're craving accountability, a proven 6-figure business strategy and the support of someone who's qualified to deal with the mindset shifts required to achieve that level of success. 

Smart strategy and stellar mindset are the cornerstones of any powerful business. But I'm willing to bet you're neglecting one or both of these areas... 

Well, what if you could:

MDP_0125 (1).jpg
  • Change your mindset and start to earn your full wealth potential... I'm talking $10k + months becoming your new normal
  • Quit your 9-5 job because you're finally earning consistent cash in your business
  • Move past confidence and visibility blocks so you can be seen for the powerful force of nature you really are
  • Get clear on the exact strategy and steps you need to take to get to 6 or multi-6 figures in your business
  • Create a clear vision for your life, believe in it and put it out there into the world
  • Work with inspiring, powerful clients every day who are committed and ready to do the work
  • Free yourself from old belief systems and overwhelm, so you can become the confident, strong, wealthy business owner you know you can be
  • Understand what makes you unique in the marketplace by leveraging your existing skills, experience and gifts
  • Bring more joy, wealth and abundance into your life so you can spend more quality time with those you love

80% of success is about psychology, rewiring old belief systems and unlocking your potential (I can help)...

Introducing my signature private coaching program

Let's take your business to the next level and in just six months:

  • Break through the mindset barriers and old belief systems that are ultimately keeping you stuck in a place of inconsistent cashflow - so you can book more clients and create a bigger impact
  • Learn smart, sustainable business strategy that feels good and is going to set you up to win
  • Implement the exact steps needed to successfully introduce automation in your business so you have more time and financial freedom (including cheat sheets, email templates, scripts and tech support)
  • Implement your first group program and create multiple price-point packages (and successfully put it on evergreen if you want)
  • Create a stellar brand with unique positioning that draws on your talents and experience
  • Step up to become the successful CEO and leader in your business, with a strong voice and inspiring message that transforms lives
  • Break through your income barrier to reach those 5 figure months with ease (so you can finally quit your 9-5)
  • Start creating the impact in the world you crave. Because you know you're here for something bigger...

Imagine finally feeling in alignment and having the strategy to support your big business goals. Imagine living the life you've always wanted - confident, powerful and abundant.

The world is not just calling for, but demanding, a new generation of female business leaders

What You Get


12 x 60-min sessions over 6 months

(3 month option also available with 6 x 60-min sessions)


For contact in between calls if you're feeling stuck (no more procrastinating)!


In your secure online folder you'll get all the resources, workbooks, PDF guides, reading lists and other business know-how that you'll ever need.


Lengthy welcome booklet to clarify goals and business direction before we even begin our coaching sessions. Designed to get you clarity and results before we even start.


This kit contains life changing information and checklists to help you declutter your life and clear the space required to become a successful entrepreneur.

Plus These Bonuses...


You'll automatically receive access to the online version of my incredible group program, The Academy, including access to the membership site, all tutorials and guest expert training (worth $3,497)


A vault of step-by-step training goodies like no other, presented in a series of easy-to-follow videos. The Vault contains training put together especially for you by my personal Business and Technical Strategist. It includes everything from setting up calendar systems, social media accounts plus all of the 'must-have' tech stuff every successful entrepreneur needs such as - CRM systems, Landing Pages, Squarespace training, Facebook ads and a comprehensive tech-overview. With access to my Vault, you'll literally save thousands and many hours of your time.

Client Case Study

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Why Me?

I’m Amanda Davies, founder of Light Purpose Living and I’m on a mission to inspire and support the next generation of female business leaders, like you, to step-up and make the impact and income you want.

I believe you're here to lead and inspire using the gifts only you have...

The business guessing game is not a smart strategy, especially if you're an ambitious woman on her way to the top. All of the top performers in the industry have a coach or a mentor to support and guide their development.


So they can get to where they want to be 10 x faster and sustain it without reinventing the wheel.

Bottom line, you don't need to fumble around and try to piece it all together on your own. 

The good news is, I specialise in smart business strategy for service-based entrepreneurs. Plus, as a registered psychologist, I'm deep into helping my clients cultivate unshakeable confidence and rock-solid mindset. This is where true transformation and business success is at.


I recently made the shortlist for the National Business Awards here in the UK - I was one of 8 finalists (out of 1,500 nominees). So I bring a powerful understanding of real-world business to my client work, along with a proven understanding of online marketing. Did I mention mindset...? It's key.

You're already powerful, but you're no island...

If you're anything like me, you have a calling deep inside of you. A calling to serve at your highest level, contribute and impact lives. If you're an entrepreneur, the best way to do this is to grow your wealth. Wealth allows you to contribute in ways you never thought possible and it also allows you the freedom to do more of the work you were born to do. 



Screen Shot 2017-09-28 at 13.39.53.png

It's time to live on-purpose, get paid and light up the world around you...

You're Here to Go Big...

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This is a unique coaching experience for driven entrepreneurs and business leaders who are READY to elevate their mindset, focus on the strategy that counts and embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery... and skyrocket their business success. 

Ask yourself - What if you could stop playing it small and start creating consistent 5-figure months in your business? What if you could spring out of bed every morning, excited about the day ahead, knowing you're making an impact?

I don't believe in waiting for happiness.

The life you are seeking will not magically drop into your lap. You must first claim it, because when you do, the magic happens...

I'm willing to bet you've found your way here because you're tired of doing all of the things, without seeing consistent results in your business. You've tried it all - blogging, webinars, paid ads, Facebook groups, complicated sales funnels, YouTube, leadmagnets etc. You've possibly invested in other coaches or programs before, with very limited results. 

Enough with that. The strategy doesn't work unless you are prepared to dig deep, show up and make massive shifts in your being...

As an entrepreneur, you recognise the importance of investing in yourself when you're trying to do something a little scary and totally life-changing. You also understand that seeking assistance from a proven expert will accelerate your path to unlimited success.

You're ready to go big and my team and I have got your back...

Program Curriculum

The program will be completely tailored to your personal circumstances and business goals. But here's an example of the topics we'll cover over the 6 months together:


  • Step into your role as leader and CEO
  • Unblocking any negative thought patterns that no longer serve you
  • Find out what's making you feel confused, stuck or afraid - and how to move on from it
  • Get a mindset of success so that you believe that anything is possible for you
  • Putting the right tools and strategies in place to manage any negativity and limiting beliefs
  • Learn to embrace your power so you can reduce anxiety and stress


  • Get the clarity you desire so you no longer feel like your life or business lacks meaning
  • Get clear on your unique gifts and talents and why the world needs them - now!
  • Get in touch with the women you are meant to be so you can finally step into your true self
  • Allow yourself to get in tune with what really makes you happy & how to make sure you do more of it


  • Identify the activities that make you happy so that you make time for more of what you love
  • Effortlessly juggle your personal life, work and your biz
  • Learn how to manage your time effectively and put the right framework in place for success
  • Ensure you set and achieve the goals you want so you are always on track


  • Overcome any negative beliefs around money
  • Learn how to attract abundance and have enough for all of your desires
  • Feel in control of your finances instead of hiding from them
  • Set yourself up for success and abundance


  • Learn which business model is right for you and your lifestyle goals
  • Quit overwhelm around multiple systems with my training Vault
  • Learn how to turn your website into a cash machine that has all the essential elements to allow you to land new leads and clients
  • Get all the information you need on exactly what to use and how it works so that you don’t have to play the guessing game
  • Learn how to automate your business so you can have more flexibility to do what you love
  • Learn how to delegate and automate like a pro!


  • Create offerings from scratch that people actually want to buy
  • Examine your ideal client so that you can work with as many of them as you desire
  • Learn how to attract your ideal clients without hustle and hard work
  • Get more visible the right way so that your ideal clients can find you
  • Package your offerings so that you don’t charge by the hour and end up broke
  • Design irresistible packages you clients can't refuse


  • Learn the key steps to creating a brand that is authentically you and attracts your ideal clients
  • Learn how to leverage social media using multiple platforms
  • Never experience brand or website shame
  • Learn about branding from the inside-out, so your marketing always feels good to your soul


  • Learn how to create desirable opt – ins that your ideal clients can’t resist
  • Grow your list consistently with new leads so that you always have a consistent flow of ideal clients
  • Develop a community filled with dedicated clients who can’t wait to work with you
  • Attract clients to you from all around the globe


  • Learn how to write you own copy that attracts the clients you want to work with
  • Creating a unique message that your ideal clients easily relate to
  • Use the right marketing too easily connect with your ideal client
  • Put the right marketing in place to build the know, like and trust factor effortlessly


  • Get the exact sales formula that allows you to book ideal clients
  • Learn how to overcome any objections so that you drastically reduce your “no’s”.
  • Confidently talk about your packages and learn how to truly see the value in your offering so it no longer feels like selling.
  • Overcome any anxiety or fear around sales conversations so you feel excited about telling your ideal client about working with you


You'll receive:

  • My signature Welcome Packet & Orientation Kit to get you results and clarity before we even start
  • Reading List (get the exact books that changed my life)
  • 12 x 45 minute calls with me over 6 months
  • Access to the The Training Vault containing all of the technical support you need courtesy of my own Business & Technical Strategist
  • Direct and unlimited email access to me for support and feedback during office hours
  • Tailored resources to make huge shifts in your life (i.e. books, webinars, additional guest expert trainings, interviews, swipe-files and short cuts).
  • Recorded, unlimited feedback on your work including your marketing materials, website, social media, adverts etc

Are we a good fit?

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That's a lot of information right? There's a reason for all of it and it's needed, trust me.

What others are saying...

Copy of -Amanda has been such a breath of fresh air! From our first call I knew I had found the coach I had been looking for so many years. I have learned so much in such a small period of time! She has been a rock, .png
-Amanda has been such a breath of fresh air! From our first call I knew I had found the coach I had been looking for so many years. I have learned so much in such a small period of time! She has been a rock, exceptio (2).png
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Copy of Copy of -Amanda has been such a breath of fresh air! From our first call I knew I had found the coach I had been looking for so many years. I have learned so much in such a small period of time! She has been  (1).png
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Why invest?

Let's cut to the chase. When I was starting out in my business, I downloaded all of the 'free stuff'. I watched every webinar and even booked a few calls to get 'free information'. I was trying to piece together my new business like some kind of second-grade science project and I ended up with a 'frankenbusiness'. A business that wasn't 100% cohesive, with offers that didn't sell and without a clear strategy.

Take the quiz (2).png

You know what changed?

I realised I was worth more than this. I was worth more than free handouts, free advice and free webinars. I realised that if I finally wanted to create a real impact and build a real business (that actually paid my bills and allowed me to live on my terms) I needed to get support.

I also blogged, I created a YouTube channel, I 'added value' in countless Facebook groups and I even dabbled in paid advertising. 

None of it worked. 

Why? Because I lacked accountability, a clear (proven) strategy, plus I had massive blind spots around my own limiting beliefs that were keeping me stuck. 

I mean if Oprah has a coach, I sure as hell needed one. 

So how about this. How about finally:

  • Making real money by doing what you love

  • Living on your own terms at last

  • Getting visible, standing out and sharing your message with the world

If you're on the brink of giving up, this is your sign to look fear in the eye and tell it where to go. Because you have a lot of incredible work to do, and a lot of money to make. 

... and it's about time you got moving (I'll help).


This is for you if...

  • You're ready to scale your existing business to $10k months. You're willing to invest in making this happen.

  • You want to jump out of bed in the morning and feel happy, fulfilled and clear on your direction.

  • You want to finally quit your 9-5 so you can go full-time in your business. You're over-worked and chronically stressed, sick and tired of working for a corporation that's slowly crushing your soul.

  • You're ready to make a big impact on the world and step into your role as leader.

  • You're done with struggle and making 'just enough' to cover your expenses every month.

  • You're ready to put yourself first and build a life that gives you the freedom you desire and the income you deserve.

  • You're tired of waiting for your life to change, you're ready to take the proven steps needed to craft the business of your dreams.

  • You know you're meant for more and that your true potential is not being realised.
  • You're ready to become an exceptional change-maker in the world, by setting an example and living on-purpose. 

Ready to find out more?

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