It’s time to grow your business and step into your role as the powerful female business leader you were born to be.

You're ready to play a bigger game and we’re here to support you with smart, sustainable business strategies and our rock-solid approach to psychology and mindset. 


Want to find out more?

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Who it’s for

Our private Business Mentorship program is designed for ambitious, female business leaders.

Our private Business Mentorship is packed full of one-of-a-kind, high touch support and is tailored specifically to your needs. This unique program combines training and private support from our Founder, Amanda.

There's no doubt you're a heart-led and powerful visionary. But you're craving accountability, a proven 6-figure business strategy and the support of someone who's qualified to deal with the mindset shifts required to take your business in a new, challenging, yet whole-heartedly fulfilling direction. 

Imagine finally feeling in alignment and having the strategy to support your big business goals. Imagine living the life you've always wanted - confident, powerful and abundant.

What if you could…

  • Break through the mindset barriers and old belief systems that are ultimately keeping you stuck from moving your business forward and creating an even bigger impact

  • Learn smart, sustainable business strategies that feel good, are values-based and set you up to win

  • Learn the exact steps needed to successfully leverage social media and introduce automation into your business (so you can expand online and have far more time and financial freedom)

  • Learn how to create multiple price-point packages that your audience craves

  • Create a stellar brand with unique positioning that draws on your talents and expertise

  • Step up to become the successful CEO and leader in your business (not someone else’s), with a strong voice and inspiring message that transforms lives across the globe

  • Breakthrough income barriers to reach those 5 figure months with ease

  • Start creating the impact in the world you desire. Because you know you're here for something bigger...

Imagine that. What would change for you? What would this mean for not only your business, but your life? Your family? Your audience?

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Taran's Story - Yoga & Wellbeing Teacher

Taran was still in her day job when we started working together and she was selling one-off yoga classes at her local studio.

Since working together, Taran has restructured her business model and now runs two successful businesses. She has quit her 9-5 and delivers high end luxury retreats all over the world. She also delivers yoga programs in schools and online.

Taran has recently hired a team of 6 employees, moved to Europe with her partner and secured coverage in a luxury travel magazine. She has also recently celebrated a $40k month. We also just mapped out her first million-dollar year.

She is also fundraising and leading The Village Project in India where she is creating a women's centre and a school for the local community. She has also bought land in India where she intends to build a new yoga studio! Profit, purpose, impact...

Have we met?


I'm Amanda Davies and I help entrepreneurs like you be a force for good, lead by example and live life on their terms.

With over 15 years experience in helping businesses (of all sizes) grow and make change happen, I know that success requires a combination of business strategy, psychology, energy and purpose. I support my clients in bringing all of these juicy elements together. I truly love what I do!

I’ve helped hundreds of women scale their businesses so the point where they feel lit-up, excited and ready to make the impact they were born to make…

We all want to do what we were put on this earth to do - earn a good living, take care of our families, and make a positive difference for others. My mentorship programs are just some of the ways I help people do just that.

So why me? Well, not only do I have 15+ years business experience and expertise, but I've been exactly where you are now. I made the transition to multiple 6-figure business owner on my own terms and I recently made the finals in the National Business Awards here in the UK (New Entrepreneur of the Year) - my company was shortlisted down to 8 finalists out of thousands of nominees. 

💡 I have just recently been named the UK’s leading expert in Business Mentoring Services for 2019 (SME Awards).

But it's not about me. My clients are seeing incredible results too...

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Katie's Story - Zen Within Healing

Katie was a senior manager in her busy 9-5 when we started working together. She was running her therapeutic business from home, selling one off sessions and running small group workshops in her local town.

After working together and using the techniques I teach around online marketing and social media, Katie has re-structured her business and opened the doors to her Academy program - she also sold out her first group program in record time!

Katie has tripled her prices and quadrupled her list size - she has a constant flow of new leads (and paying clients) coming in to her business every month. She's left her full-time 9-5 job and is now 100% focussed on serving her dream clients who desperately need her services.

She hasn't looked back.

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Sarah's Story - Public Relations Expert

Before we started working together, Sarah was working in her 9-5 PR job and seeing clients sporadically on the side. She was relying on word-of mouth and referrals and lacked consistency around how and when she was going to book the next client. Her bank account was suffering as a result.

After a week of working together Sarah booked her first premium client (thanks to a dramatic mindset shift) and then her success snowballed from there! Now, her program is fully booked, she has consistent prospect calls and understands how to scale her business.

Sarah is now making the money she desires in her business (upwards of $7k per month) and has just handed in her notice so she can do what she loves full-time!

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Clare's Story - Online Business Manager & VA

Before we started working together, Clare was selling ad-hoc VA services at low hourly rates and was struggling to find clients and make a consistent, high-level monthly income. She was also still in her 9-5 job.

Clare has now completely transformed her business model since working together and has built her confidence around selling and charging higher rates for her work.

In fact she's been so successful, Clare has recently quit her 9-5 job to focus on her business full-time as she has now replaced her professional salary.

Clare is now attracting dream clients with consistency and working fewer hours because of the new business model we have helped her implement. Her confidence has sky-rocketed!

What’s covered

This program is for you if you want to create a business that's not only purpose-led, but profitable and impactful. Our exclusive mentorship services will be tailored to your personal circumstances and business goals. But here's an example of the topics we'll cover:


  • With so many to choose from, learn which business model is right for you, your desired impact and lifestyle goals - both online and offline models.

  • Get clear direction with a tailored business plan that we’ll create together.

  • Create ‘tranches’ of work and clear marketing and launch plans for each tranche. After all, this is a lifetime’s work you’re creating, not a season. Every product, program or course you create and sell will have its time. But what’s first (or next)?

  • Create offerings from scratch, or build on the offerings you already have and learn to market them (online) in a way people can’t wait to buy.

  • Brand awareness - how to build a fantastic online (and offline) brand that clients recognise and love. 

  • It sounds simple, but what do you want to say, to whom and how? Do your offerings solve real problems for people? How can you communicate this in a compelling way? I’ve got you covered.

  • What makes you different? For every offer we create and market together, we will go through my signature process for uncovering its USP and key point of differentiation (crucial).


  • Who are they and where are they?

  • Market research strategies so you can create and price amazing packages that actually sell.

  • Building your 'tribe' and online audience with the right people, and quickly.

  • How to tap into the psychology, emotional and key motivators of your ideal client so you can craft perfect packages they want to buy.

  • Powerful selling - how to pre-qualify your customers and master the sales process.

  • Learn to become visible and a powerful force on social media so online marketing and networking feels like a breeze.

  • Advertise like a pro (or get your team to) so you have a steady steam of clients ready to work with you, which means consistency.


  • Build your email list of potential customers on supercharge - you’ve heard the saying ‘the money is in your list’! It’s true.

  • Learn how to package your services, deliver and optimise them online.

  • Create leadmagnets, webinars and other products that convert and pre-qualify your prospects.

  • Time management, outsourcing (where to find the right team members at the right time), what to delegate and when.


  • Increase your overall sense of happiness, joy and gratitude.

  • Check-in with any doubt, uncertainty and limiting beliefs.

  • Increase your confidence in driving your business forward - both on and offline.

  • Learn to embrace your power so you can reduce anxiety, overwhelm and stress in your business. 

  • Increase your energy levels and adopt a healthy balanced life.

Program outline

4 month business mentoring package:

  • 90-min deep-dive, Business Planning Session with Amanda

  • 8 x 45-min sessions with Amanda

  • 2 x 15-min SOS calls (for those moments you need a quick power-chat)

  • Email access to Amanda in between calls for support, questions and feedback

  • Access to Amanda’s very own tools, templates and resources

  • A personal consultation with Amanda’s own PR Expert

  • Bonus: Access to signature program content and trainings

Investment: $9,000 USD (pay in full)

Our time together will last for 4 months and will be heavily results-focussed. There is also a 6-month version of the program available ($12,000) which includes everything mentioned above, but an additional 4 x 45-min private calls and an extra SOS call.

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Patty's Story - Success Coach & Author

Patty was in a busy management consulting job when we first started working together. She also has two young children and very little time.

Patty spent many years feeling that she 'was meant for more' and was trying to piece her new business together on the side, without a clear understanding of what she was offering or who she was here to serve through her work.

During our time together, she started to apply a professional end-to-end system to her business which allowed her to book consistent, high-paying 1:1 clients who invest thousands to work with her. She also sells out her in-person workshops and has now quit her 9-5!

Patty has more time and freedom to spend with her daughters, travels regularly (including trips to see her extended family in Columbia)!

More Client Successes...

Our students join us feeling frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed and walk away with thriving online businesses.

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-Amanda has been such a breath of fresh air! From our first call I knew I had found the coach I had been looking for so many years. I have learned so much in such a small period of time! She has been a rock, exceptio (1).png
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Your questions answered

Q: WHEN can we START?

A: As long as there are spaces available, you can get started immediately.

You will get access to our Welcome Packet as soon as you enrol and we will book our deep-dive Business Planning call within the first week to put a plan in place for the next 4 months.

Q: What if I don't have any idea what kind of business I'd like to create, should I already know that first?

A: This is for you if you are ANY of the following:

  • Have already started your own personal brand/online business, but could really use further personal and business growth to get over any blocks, fears and resistance that's coming up as you progress further and further, as well as learning and implementing the systems and strategies to expand your business, income, and impact in the world

  • You've seen some success in your business, but you have a lot more to give. You're ready for full impact.

  • You may still be in a 9-5 and your business (or business idea) is more of a side-hustle or a dream at the moment. You're ready to take it full time.

  • You're ready to be earning consistent cash in your business as well as creating an impact.

Our mentorship programs are designed specifically for women who are expert, service-based entrepreneurs and experts such as -

Life Coaches

Creative Entrepreneurs


Relationship Experts

Business consultants or coaches

Fitness Coaches and Trainers

Health & Wellness Coaches

Spiritual Coaches, Healers

Consultants and freelancers


Medical professionals

'Done for you' professional service providers

Other service-based businesses and experts

Note: Our mentorship services are not well suited to MLM or product-based businesses, although a well-placed MLM business can compliment your coaching or consulting business. Talk to us to find out if it's a good fit.

Q: Can I pay in instalments? 

A. Of course.

Talk to us about payment options.

Q: I want to do this program but What if I don't get anywhere, what if I disappoint myself? 

A: What if you never find out what you are truly capable of in this life? What does it mean to stay exactly where you are right now? Is that an option?

Many of my clients felt the same way before signing up. This is normal, but it's time to move past your fear and into determined action. I believe you already have the vision you need to succeed. I promise I will provide you with the resources, strategy and knowledge necessary to help you succeed even more than you can imagine. All you need to do is show up and do the work. 

I followed up with people who didn’t sign up for our services, 6 months after our initial phone conversation. Sadly, 50% were in exactly the same position they were in when we had our Discovery Call. The other 50% had given up completely. Fact.

Hoping your problems just disappear on their own never works. Forging forward without direction or accountability and support is hard-going.

Save yourself time, money and energy - Get the support.

A note from Amanda

1590-Amanda Davies-Edit M copy.jpg

I understand what you're feeling right now. You're excited and have 'the butterflies' but you also have the monkey mind that's telling you you're crazy and there's no way you'll be able to make this work.

I understand you're probably a little bit afraid (and fear tends to disguise itself as our adult, rational voice). But I'll let you in on a secret - I believe our greatest life is on the other side of our fear. In fact, I believe fear is a good thing. It's an indicator of what we desire most. 

Let me just say, if there is even just a teeny part of you that's screaming, "Amanda is the coach for me!" I highly suggest you take a leap of faith and follow your intuition. You don't want to look back a few months from now and wish you'd made a different decision. 

Wherever you are right now is a result of your past thinking. If you're not 100% fulfilled, wouldn't you agree you need to try something different?

Ask yourself right now, "What's possible for me if I invest in myself and finally get the support and personalised guidance I need?"

And on the flip-side, ask yourself, "Where will I be a few months from now if I don't take any action? Am I okay with nothing changing?"

It's ok to ask for help and that's why I'm here to support you every step of the way. It's my mission to help you overcome those fears and create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams. If my clients and I have been able to do it, believe me you can too.

If you're ready to do the work and make some magic happen, then let's do it. Now's your time and it's yours for the taking!

With love and belief in you,