So many of us who are on the spiritual path (or maybe not), are born with a knowing we’re here to do something big; to bring light, lead with our heart and change the world in some unique way. Big or small. 

Some believe it’s a contract our soul signed before incarnating into this lifetime. Whether that’s your particular belief or not, what you know for certain is you are here to be of service through inspired action and by creating a movement with your message. 

Perhaps, like me, you see your business as a medium to deliver this message.

So how do you step into your role as a leader, get comfortable with your message and create the impact you desire in the world?

Here are a few tips: 

1 - Quit the comparisons, you are your own type of leader

There's no getting away from the fact that business has moved online and if you're not leveraging the online marketplace, you're seriously hurting your business growth. 

As incredible as social media is for seeding your message and creating real business results, it brings with it all kinds of weird comparisons that can contribute to you feeling 'less than'. Even incapable of success (here's a hint - there's more than one way to be successful). 

My message to you - for the love of god, stay in your own lane!

I've seen many new soulpreneurs switching and changing direction based on the latest fad, coolest it-girl-entrepreneur trend or because 'so n so' is doing it 'this' way. 

Please. Don't. 

Be true to you, your message and what you stand for. Feel into that backbone and be the divine powerhouse you already are. 

Now this isn't to say you don't study the marketplace, be flexible and learn the latest strategies to better your business and serve your clients, but just don't take on the drama of comparison. 

2 - serve by creating and sharing your authentic vision

Serving from a place of authenticity and genuine kindness towards your community will not only keep you motivated during the hard times, but it will drastically impact your bottomline (in a positive way). 

All of my most financially successful months in business, (including a $23k and a $35k month recently), happened when I was in a place of authentic service - deeply caring about my message, what my people needed and what I was putting out there into the world (thoughts included). Yes, of course I was heavily promoting my work (taking action, which you know I'm a big fan of), but it came when I felt happy and joyful in service.

If you're just looking for the next way to make a buck, you wont reach your full potential in business. End of story. 

Instead, create a compelling vision and allow your people to help build it by asking them what they want. 

Make sure this vision is at the heart of all action you take - whether it's sending a newsletter, promoting your service, posting on Facebook or on a sales call with a potential client.

It takes putting on your big-girl pants to step into your power as a unique leader. You've already got what it takes (in bucket loads) - time to unleash it.

With love and belief in you,

Amanda xo