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Proudly introducing our UK National Business Award-nominated program for new company founders…

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Thrive Academy is a tailored program designed to support heart-led coaches, consultants and experts like you, go to the next level in their business. The reality is, the health of your business relies on clients coming through the door - consistently.

If you’re ready to finally create the impact and momentum you’ve been longing for in your business, surrounded by a tribe of inspiring women who are all up to big things in the world, book a call with us today.


The 2019 academy is open (Limited spots)


Passion will only get you so far… 


There has been no better time to own a business that lights you up and impacts millions, but I’m going to cut to the chase...

Your business needs a steady stream of clients (the right ones) and cashflow before any of this impact is possible. At your core, you also need an incredible, transformational offer that actually sells.

We see too many coaches, consultants and professional service providers focussing on the wrong things when trying to grow their online business.

First, too many are stuck in a cycle of consuming information. They’re signing up for all of the freebies, webinars, e-books and cheap courses without gaining any real traction. Or they’re stuck in the vicious cycle of trading time-for-money.

Second, they’re focussed on the photoshoots, fancy websites, blogging, endless posting and live-streaming every day, attending pointless networking events and hustling to find clients... Many have even dabbled in paid advertising (which can feel a lot like venturing into a black hole)!

… but still no results.

You see, some of these activities are great from a brand-building perspective but they wont give you the financial predictability you need for your business to truly thrive.

We believe your business is just a vehicle to get your purpose-work out into the world in a big way…

…but a real, sustainable business needs a killer offer, a predictable growth strategy and passion. Without this, it’s easy to become burnt-out trading time for money, frustrated and spinning your wheels.

You’ve got big work to do in the world. So let’s get business taken care of, shall we?


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Taran's Story - Yoga Teacher

Taran was still in her day job when we started working together and she was selling one-off yoga classes at her local studio.

Since working together, Taran has restructured her business model and now runs two successful businesses. She has quit her 9-5 and delivers high end luxury retreats all over the world. She also delivers yoga programs in schools and online.

Taran has recently hired a team of 6 employees, moved to Europe with her partner and secured coverage in a luxury travel magazine. She is also celebrating $40k months. We also just mapped out her first million-dollar year.

She is also fundraising and leading The Village Project in India where she is creating a women's centre and a school for the local community. She has also bought land in India where she intends to build a new yoga studio! Profit, purpose, impact...

Introducing Thrive Academy

Thrive is designed for the woman who is ready to scale her online business to 6 (or multi-6) figures by creating transformational online programs.

Thrive Academy is our signature, 3 month business accelerator that is packed full of one-of-a-kind, high touch support. This unique program combines intimate group coaching, expert trainings and private support from our Founder, Amanda and her team of experts.

Here’s what we cover:

  • We will show you how to create a sustainable and growth-orientated business model, so you have longevity in your industry and time freedom.

  • How to create leveraged services and programs that allow scale, flexibility and less hustle in your business (no more trading time for money)

  • Get clarity and create offers that sell at the right price - no more undercharging!

  • Finding and attracting the right clients into your programs and offerings and get your message in front of the right people

  • Strategies to communicate your real value and business identity to the marketplace so you become the only choice for your clients

  • Mastering online marketing (both paid and unpaid) and most importantly… how to calculate an ROI so you can create predictability and consistency. Whether marketing is something you outsource or keep in-house, we’ll show you how to create huge results.

  • Getting your mind, leadership skills and energy right, so you’re better equipped to deal with the new challenges associated with growth

  • Mastering the sales process (no sleaze, slime or weirdness involved - promise!)

Taking the leap and enrolling in Thrive Academy was the best investment I could have ever made in both myself and my business. I cannot say enough about Amanda and this program - it is worth every single penny and then some!

Amanda is clearly brilliant, super-responsive, and incredibly supportive. After going through this program it is clear why Thrive has won the accolades it has to date - so well deserved. Thank you Amanda for sharing everything you are! You are truly a force helping to make change in this world!
— Tammy (Transformational Coach)
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Who we can help…

We serve coaches, consultants and professional service-providers who are great at what they do and care about helping their clients create a transformation. We can only support people who genuinely care about their clients results and operate with high degrees of professionalism and integrity.

We are experts in helping transformational, service-based businesses thrive. Unfortunately we are not set-up to support product-based, e-commerce businesses or MLMs.

Does any of this sound familiar:

You're great at what you do, but you’re not attracting the right clients or enough clients   You have made some sales in your business, but not enough and you don’t really know where your next client is coming from.  Perhaps you’re having to compromise who you’re working with (ie., clients who drain you and don’t get results), just to pay the bills.  You’re living month to month feeling constricted energetically because clients are not finding their way to you in the right numbers.

You're great at what you do, but you’re not attracting the right clients or enough clients

You have made some sales in your business, but not enough and you don’t really know where your next client is coming from.

Perhaps you’re having to compromise who you’re working with (ie., clients who drain you and don’t get results), just to pay the bills.

You’re living month to month feeling constricted energetically because clients are not finding their way to you in the right numbers.

You might still be working in a 9-5 job (or another business) because your online business hasn’t quite taken off (yet)   Many of our clients were still working in their 9-5 job (or stuck trading time for money) before they joined our program. Maybe you’re in this situation too?  Our clients have real responsibilities (family, bills) so quitting was not an option until they could replace their salary consistently.  If you're ready to turn your passion or side-hustle into a full-time reality, you need a strategy and proven action steps to get you there quicker.

You might still be working in a 9-5 job (or another business) because your online business hasn’t quite taken off (yet)

Many of our clients were still working in their 9-5 job (or stuck trading time for money) before they joined our program. Maybe you’re in this situation too?

Our clients have real responsibilities (family, bills) so quitting was not an option until they could replace their salary consistently.

If you're ready to turn your passion or side-hustle into a full-time reality, you need a strategy and proven action steps to get you there quicker.

You're ready to transform your life and income. You also know business investments are necessary (time and money)   You're aware of the effort and work required to create a thriving, profitable business - and you're ready for it!  You're ready to show up coachable and ready to start hitting $10-20k + months so you can have the freedom-based life you want.  You also know real businesses have marketing, people and development budgets. You’re prepared to invest provided you have the right strategy.

You're ready to transform your life and income. You also know business investments are necessary (time and money)

You're aware of the effort and work required to create a thriving, profitable business - and you're ready for it!

You're ready to show up coachable and ready to start hitting $10-20k + months so you can have the freedom-based life you want.

You also know real businesses have marketing, people and development budgets. You’re prepared to invest provided you have the right strategy.

 Over 81% of our clients who were in a 9-5, quit their job after working together. Why? Because their business was finally thriving…


Tasha’s Story - Pregnancy Nutritionist

Tasha had been working with another business coach prior to signing up for Thrive, but felt results were lacking. Tasha was struggling to understand how she could set herself up as a nutritional therapist online and didn’t know how to book clients consistently.

Since working together, Tasha is now celebrating the launch and successful running of her first group program. Her confidence has flourished and she has pushed through many of the limiting beliefs that were holding her back.

“I have so much clarity now on how to run an online program! I have much more confidence on how much I want to charge and I’m not afraid of premium prices. I am thinking much more like a businesswoman, who still offers enormous value to her clients. Thank you!”.


Dr Helen’s Story - Transformational Coach for Medical Doctors

Before we started working together, Helen was confused about her offerings, how to package her services and build her business in a sustainable way.

She now has clarity on her message and has built her signature program from scratch. She is also clear on how to market her services online in a sustainable way that creates consistency of income.

Helen’s words upon finishing the program: “Thrive Academy is an absolute masterpiece!”

Helen replaced her entire annual income in just two months, consistently sells-out her programs and has now resigned from her day job… but most importantly, she feels lit-up and excited to be doing her purpose work.

What worked in online business 12 months ago no longer works. Having the support of someone who has their finger on the pulse of what works, what doesn't (and what's a gimmick) is vital...

Have we met?


I'm Amanda Davies and I help entrepreneurs like you be a force for good, lead by example and live life on their terms.

With over 15 years experience in helping businesses (of all sizes) grow and make change happen, I know that success requires a combination of business strategy, psychology, energy and purpose. I support my clients in bringing all of these juicy elements together. I truly love what I do!

I’ve helped hundreds of women scale their online businesses so they not only create the time-freedom and income they desire, but they feel incredible about what they’re here to do.

We all want to do what we were put on this earth to do - earn a good living, take care of our families, and make a positive difference for others. Thrive Academy is one of the ways I help people do just that.

So why me? Well, not only do I have 20 years business experience and expertise, but I've been exactly where you are now. I made the transition to multiple 6-figure business owner on my own terms and I recently made the finals in the National Business Awards here in the UK (Entrepreneur of the Year category) - my company was shortlisted down to 8 finalists out of thousands of nominees. 

💡 Recently named the UK’s leading expert in Business Mentoring Services for 2019 (SME Awards).

But it's not about me. My clients are seeing incredible results too...

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Katie's Story - Life Coach and Healer

Katie was a senior manager in her busy 9-5 when we started working together. She was running her therapeutic business from home, selling one off sessions and running small group workshops in her local town.

After working together and using the techniques I teach around online marketing and social media, Katie has re-structured her business and opened the doors to her Academy program - she also sold out her first group program in record time!

Katie has tripled her prices and quadrupled her list size - she has a constant flow of new leads (and paying clients) coming in to her business every month. She's left her full-time 9-5 job and is now 100% focussed on serving her dream clients who desperately need her services.

She hasn't looked back.

Growing a business should be fun and allow you to feel connected and in flow. It's about sharing your gifts and passions to make a difference in the world… but it’s also about creating a sustainable income and scalability.

Here's why Thrive is different

We focus on the must-have essentials.

No more fluff, burning yourself out selling face-to-face sessions, low-ticket ‘e-courses’ or learning about a bunch of stuff that doesn't really move the needle in your business. We've tried and tested everything in Thrive, which is how we know it works. We have distilled years of business experience into 3 months of essential content. We've also built-in specific Accountability Tasks / Milestones to help you stay on track. 

You'll receive training from an entire team of industry experts.

You'll receive support not just from Amanda, but also from her team of industry leading experts. No one person can be an absolute master in all areas of business, so we’ve called in the best of the best to help you. 

It's designed specifically for busy women. 

Thrive is about helping you focus on the business building activities that count, which is exactly what you need if you're a busy mum, studying and/or still working a 9-5 job at the same time. This is about helping you 'work less' in the long run and putting structures in place that allow your business to work for you by creating and marketing the right kind of offer.

We're qualified to support your mindset. 

Strategy can only get you so far. 80% of success stems from the mind - mastering fear, procrastination or emotions as they come up is critical when building and scaling your business. Amanda is a registered psychologist and an expert in helping people overcome stumbling blocks and fear. We also have a qualified mindset coach on our team. Many other coaches work with mindset on a superficial level, but we go deep with you to ensure you are truly equipped to deal with growth at the highest levels.

This is about becoming a purpose-led leader.

You'll be supported to become more visible and confident in delivering your message (and that doesn't just mean showing up on Facebook Live or posting all of the time - unless you want to). You'll learn to build a community of raving fans and more importantly, eager buyers. Plus you'll learn how to structure your future team so you have the support you need to grow. We have recommendations and referrals for outsourcing also if required.

It's personal.

At Thrive we offer a very unique program structure consisting of core content and tailored support. You get the support of an intimate community of like-minded women and personal, hands-on guidance from Amanda and your personal Thrive Coach. We love getting under the hood of our client's businesses.

Many other coaches follow a "cookie cutter" methodology - they teach everyone the same method (often focussed on the wrong things) without any real discussion or flex around what's going to work for you. We know with certainty that real success requires high-touch, tailored support…

Your success is in the finer detail.

You have ample opportunity to ask questions and seek feedback on the group calls, our private calls, via email and in the online Facebook group - this isn't a group program where you get lost amongst hundreds of people. You'll thrive in a small, intimate group environment where you get plenty of personal support.

It's this level of support that makes the difference to your results. Fact.

This program is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I’d tried all the coaches, courses and workshops imaginable. Thrive is completely different to anything I have ever experienced and working with Amanda has changed my life, not just my business
— Rebecca L (Career Coach)

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Sarah's Story - Public Relations Consultant

Before we started working together, Sarah was working in her 9-5 PR job and seeing clients sporadically on the side. She was relying on word-of mouth and referrals and lacked consistency around how and when she was going to book the next client. Her bank account was suffering as a result.

After a week of working together Sarah booked her first premium client (thanks to a dramatic mindset shift) and then her success snowballed from there. Now, her signature program is fully booked, she has consistent prospect calls and understands how to scale her business.

Sarah is now making the money she desires in her business (upwards of $7k per month) and has just handed in her notice so she can do what she loves full-time!

What we cover

◾️ How to compress your timeline to success so you can see exactly how you're going to reach your financial goals ($10k + per month) meaning you can scale your business faster - rather than continue to play the business 'guessing game' on your own.

◾️ How to create and pre-sell premium, signature offers that sell consistently.

◾️You'll learn to confidently communicate what you do and learn to sell with ease, so you become the best and only choice for your prospects. 

◾️ Learn to design and deliver (or outsource) your online marketing strategy using a proven method to grow leads and makes sales - consistently.

◾️ Learn to pre-qualify leads (correctly) and make high-ticket sales.

◾️ Discover how to manage overwhelm and the millions of things you have on your To-Do list

◾️ We will show you how to explode your visibility online and build your brand so you can become a recognised leader in your industry.

◾️ Learn to step into your authority and build your confidence in the online space.

◾️ Grow your community and your team to help you achieve even bigger results. 

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Clare's Story - Online Business Manager

Before we started working together, Clare was selling ad-hoc VA services at low hourly rates and was struggling to find clients and make a consistent, high-level monthly income. She was also still in her 9-5 technology job.

Clare has now completely transformed her business model since working together and has built her confidence around selling her signature program (which she now sells with ease).

In fact she's been so successful, Clare has recently quit her 9-5 job to focus on her business full-time as she has now replaced her professional salary.

Clare is now attracting dream clients with consistency and working fewer hours because of the new business model we have helped her implement. Her confidence has sky-rocketed!

How it works

Copy of Blog Title – Untitled Design (3).png

Our unique program structure is based on getting you results. Fast.

Once you enrol in the program, you'll get access to our members area where you can get started with the Orientation materials and Modules 1 and 2 right away. The remaining 8 training modules are released on a weekly basis.

The modules consist of training videos, fillable worksheets, done-for-you templates, in-depth tech tutorials, swipe files and resource lists. 

This is your core content. It’s simple, easy to follow, fun and results-orientated. 

All of the training is online, mobile-optimised and held in the private Thrive Academy members-only library. There are no lengthy workbooks and no boring theory or ‘fluff'. The focus is on implementation so you can start getting results right away…

We tailor our program to you - this is what sets us apart from many other business programs out there.

The program runs for 3 months and every week, you'll be able to join one (or both!) of our Live Group Calls where you can ask questions, brainstorm and get the personalised support you need from Amanda as you move through the program. So that’s up to 24 calls in total. Many of our past clients have said the Live Group Calls have been one of the most valuable parts of the program as they have the opportunity to learn from others as well as get their own questions answered.

In addition to the weekly group calls, you'll also receive a private, Strategy Kick-Off call with Amanda (60mins), plus 3 x private coaching calls (40mins) with your dedicated Thrive Performance Coach.

Plus, you get email support and and access to Amanda in between calls so she can personally review key Accountability Tasks and provide detailed feedback via email.

You will receive world-class, personalised support - and this is 100% critical to your success.

To re-cap, here’s whats included…

  1. A deep-dive, 60min Business Kick-Off session with Amanda personally (in your first week) where you will develop a clear plan for your business and ensure you’re set-up for success over the next 3 months

  2. Up to 24 x small group strategy calls led by Amanda personally (so that's two calls every week, or you're welcome to attend just one, it's up to you). This is where you will get personal feedback, direction and all of your questions answered. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from others in an intimate, high-vibe community. All of our clients say this is one of the most valuable parts of the program - they’ve gone on to make best friends and incredible acquaintances!

  3. Three x 40-min private momentum calls with your dedicated Thrive coach to help you move past any blocks or challenges

  4. Access to training by Amanda’s personal team of experts - including content and resources on PR, tech set-up, social media, advertising and visibility

  5. “Amanda in Your Pocket” - Email and messenger access to Amanda personally, where she will review your content, pricing, marketing materials and provide detailed feedback and answer questions you have in between calls.

Guest experts

Your journey will be supported by an inspiring cast of guest experts - truly the best in the industry at what they do. We've got you covered with everything from creating your optimised website, to finding media coverage for your business, tech set-up (for you or your team) and using video for visibility. Each of our guest experts have prepared a special training or resource pack to support you.

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Patty's Story - Happiness and Wellbeing Coach & Author

Patty was in a busy management consulting job when we first started working together. She also has two young children and very little time.

Patty spent many years feeling that she 'was meant for more' and was trying to piece her new business together on the side, without a clear understanding of what she was offering or who she was here to serve through her work.

During our time together, she applied a professional end-to-end system to her business which allowed her to book consistent, 1:1 clients who invest thousands to work with her. She also sells out her programs and workshops and has now quit her 9-5.

Patty has more time and freedom to spend with her daughters, travels regularly (including trips to see her extended family in Columbia)!

Got questions?

Book a complimentary call with our team -

More Client Successes...

Our students join this course feeling frustrated, exhausted, and overwhelmed and walk away with thriving online businesses.


Risa’s Story - Web Design and Marketing

Prior to working together, Risa had done all of the online courses and worked with various business coaches, but she still wasn’t getting results.

“I wasn't getting a consistent leads and clients and I was feeling de-motivated - I was wasting a lot of time trying all the various tactics and felt directionless. I had no strategy and felt really stuck!”

Since working together, Risa has launched her signature program and is booking premium level clients consistently. In fact, she had a whopping 700% ROI on her ad spend. She sold 3 premium packages in one week and had her first 5-figure week.

“Amanda is the best business expert I have ever worked with. She has been the only one to help me achieve real results in my business. I’m so excited for what’s to come!”


Melina’s Story - Author, Ghost Writer and Editor

Prior to working together Melina was running a successful editing business, but relied purely on referrals and loyal returning clients.

Her business was drying up and she needed a strategy to book new clients consistently, reshape her offerings and position herself as the go-to expert in a crowded industry.

This is what she has to say:

“I have enrolled over 10 new premium clients in 3 months, built-up my subscribers, and my business is growing like never before! Jump into the Academy now! It’s totally worth it for you and your business. Sometimes we don’t recognise when we need a push…”!

Her business has quadrupled.


Lily’s Story - NLP Expert & Relationship Coach

Lily had set up a successful business prior to joining the Academy, but she was relying heavily on referrals and ‘doing all the things’ on social media. She was also working her busy 9-5 job and needed a strategy for growth.

Since working together, Lily has focussed right down on her niche, designed a program that sells and is booking clients into her programs consistently. She’s also partnered with a UK domestic violence charity.

… and her results are phenomenal. Her business has grown 250% month on month since working together as she continues to thrive. She’s now matches her high-paying corporate salary through her business.

“Thrive is an incredible program with world-class support. If you are lucky enough to receive an invitation to join Thrive, grab it with both hands!”


Nellie’s Story - Natural Fertility Expert

Prior to joining Thrive, Nellie had worked with a number of business coaches but was still really struggling to grow her wellness business create the consistency she desired. She felt lost and caught in the ‘roundabout’ of chasing down leads and clients.

She now feels “clear, confident and in-flow!” Not only has Nellie launched her signature fertility program, she is now gaining consistent leads, made $15k in one month and has now retired her husband from his day job. She’s consistently booking high-level clients, feeling connected and motivated once more.

“Amanda and the Thrive program are the REAL DEAL. No other program or coach has nailed achieving the balance between the practical, technical side of growing an online business with what it takes on a MINDSET level, like this program has.

Never have I met a coach with so much HEART invested in her clients and their success.

It's not easy, no one said it was going to be. But is is REAL. And if you truly want the success and to deliver the value you say you do, then so long as you are prepared to do the work, no matter what it takes, then Thrive encompasses everything you need to achieve that”.

Thrive is an amazing programme. I can’t say enough good things about it. It was transformational and I felt fully supported. I’ve had people signing up for my program and paying the prices I truly deserve for my work. I would never have believed this was possible. I now see a future for my family and I and I can’t thank Amanda and the team enough.
— Eleanor (Career Coach)

Your questions answered


A: As long as there are spaces available, you can get started immediately!

You will get access to the Orientation Program, Modules 1+2 as soon as you sign up, plus you'll be registered for the upcoming calls. You'll also gain access to our private Facebook community. We limit the number of clients we work with at any one time (due to the hands-on nature of this program) so we do cap enrolment numbers at 15. However, we will let you know if doors are temporarily closed and get you on the waitlist!

Q: WHat do you cover?

A: Refer to the ‘what we cover’ section above. However, it is best to think about this program in 3 parts…

First, we will help you develop and gain clarity on your signature, transformational offer. We want to ensure your online business is moving forward on solid foundations and clarity is key. Many people think they have clarity, when it fact they don’t… and vague doesn’t sell when it comes to online programs. So we will help you create and communicate this program in a way that is outcome-focussed and based on results.

Second, we help you pre-sell your new program by leveraging online channels and social media. We help you build your online presence, identity and visibility so your message is reaching the right audience at the right time.

Third, we help you set-up and establish your online sales-funnel. This means new, global customers, consistent lead flow and consistent cash flow. This is the heart-beat of your business long term. We then show you show to scale your new program to new heights so you gain more time freedom along the way.

Q: What if I don't have any idea what kind of business I'd like to create, should I already know that first?

A: This is for you if you are ANY of the following:

  • You are ready to create a premium ($2000 - $5000), signature offer and scale your business.

  • You've seen some success in your business, but you’re ready to gain momentum online and reach a global audience.

  • You may still be in a 9-5 and your business is more of a side-hustle at the moment. You're ready to take it full time.

  • You're ready to be earning consistent cash in your business as well as creating an impact.

Thrive Academy has been designed specifically for women who are service-based entrepreneurs and experts such as -

Life Coaches

Creative Entrepreneurs


Relationship Experts

Business consultants or coaches

Fitness Coaches and Trainers

Health & Wellness Coaches

Spiritual Coaches, Healers

Consultants and freelancers


Medical professionals

'Done for you' professional service providers

Other service-based businesses

Note: Thrive Academy is not well suited to MLM or product-based businesses, although a well-placed MLM business can compliment your coaching or consulting business. Talk to us to find out if it's a good fit.

Q: I just don't have the money right now, what's your ADVICE?

A: I’ve been there too and so have my clients.

Money is always an important topic and I get it. I grew up fairly poor and even to this day, I run a lean business. I watch every penny because I care about where my money (and subsequently my energy) goes. I've built this business from the ground up without any handouts.

I started my company in the red. I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt - including student loans and credit cards. Know that I do not take your financial investment in the Academy lightly. I deeply honour the commitment and responsibility.

That’s why I’ve taken a strong stand to offer lifetime access to the Academy, which means that you get access to all of the materials and a buzzing Alumni Group after you finish, for free. I also offer a flexible payment plan that you can sign up to.

For now, know this... None of my clients were 'rich' or just had the money laying around (if they did, they wouldn't need my help)! Get resourceful and think about how you can make the investment. Remember, business coaching and consulting is classed as a business expense and is tax deductible in most countries (although check with your accountant to be sure).

Here are some ideas: 

- Credit cards (increase the limit, apply for a new one or split the payment between several cards). 

- PayPal loans.

- Line of credit.

- Borrow it.

- Small business loans.

- Sell stuff (the average person has between $2000 - $5000 worth of old hobby equipment etc)

- Book an extra 1:1 client or two.

- Ask for a repayment from someone who owes you.

- Find someone who will invest in you.

Although investing may feel like a step back financially, it's designed to grow your business quickly - investment debt is very different to consumer debt. Investing is a very normal part of being business owner. 

If you’re feeling called to do this program, but you’re worried about the investment, drop me an email and we can explore some options together. Money should not stop you from investing in something you know will transform your business - there’s always a solution if you’re 100% committed. Let me help you find a way.

Q: Between my job, my family, my house, errands etc - I'm just not sure I'll have the time to put the work in. What is the time commitment?

A: The honest truth? The Academy wont work unless you do. This program is for go-getters and decision makers.

I'd recommend putting aside 3-5hrs per week to go through the materials and do the work. Some weeks you may need a bit longer (you'll find that once you're inspired, you could keep on working - because you LOVE your business so much)! Some weeks, you wont need as long - the choice is yours and you get to choose the pace. 

Obviously you need to trust your timing as I don't want you spending money on this if you're just not feeling motivated enough to do the work right now. I'm not in the business of taking your cash and dragging you across the finish line. I'm in the business of helping you change your life. But I can't be the only one who truly wants this for you.

What I can tell you though, is I work with clients all over the world who have day jobs, home school their children (one of my clients has SIX kids under the age of 12!), are in the middle of moving house, going through divorce or relocating countries… and they still make time to work on their business. Why? Because it's important to them. And guess what? They still find time to workout and have date nights with their partner! You're welcome to work at your own pace.

This course is about creating more freedom, not taking it away. 

Q: Can I pay in instalments? 

A: Of course!

I wanted to make this program as accessible for you as possible. Whatever it takes for you to do this for you and your family. Talk to us about payment options.

Q: How do the live, group Q&A calls work?

A: We run two group strategy calls every week.

The small group calls take place every Wednesday 9am (London) and Thursday 8pm (London). You are welcome to choose which call you attend (or you’re welcome to attend both - so that’s up to 24 calls in total). Check your timezone here.

Our clients tell us the group calls are one of the most valuable aspects of our program. The opportunity to be part of a high-vibe, intimate community of women and learn from one another’s progress, whilst receiving hands-on personalised support and feedback is incredible.

If you can’t attend live, you are welcome to post your questions in advance and we will cover on the call. All calls are recorded.

Remember the weekly group calls are in addition to the private calls with Amanda and your dedicated Performance Coach. There is plenty of support for you throughout this program and in fact, this level of support is one of the many benefits our clients rave about.


A: Absolutely!

You have ‘Amanda in your pocket’! The intimate and hands-on nature of this program is what makes it so different to other programs or e-courses that are out there (where you feel like a number). We know everything about you, your strengths and where you’re at on your business journey. This is why our graduates get such great results.

If you have questions that come up in between the Q&A calls, you are welcome to email us directly or post in the Community. Amanda will also be reviewing and providing feedback on key aspects of your business, so you get support every step of the way.

Q: What happens after the 3 months?

A: You will join our free Alumni program

Our continued support after the 3 months is just one of the things that sets this program apart. We understand that whilst this is a 3 month program, you are creating a lifetime’s worth of work.

After the 3 months, you will gain access to our alumni forum where you can continue to ask questions, connect and get support. Plus, we offer free Monthly Training Workshops for all of our alumni - this is another reason why our graduates are so successful.

Q: I want to do this program but What if I don't get anywhere, what if I fail, what if I disappoint myself and others? 

A: What if you never find out what you are truly capable of in this life? What does it mean to stay exactly where you are right now? Is that an option?

Many of my clients felt the same way before signing up. This is normal, but it's time to move past your fear and into determined action. I believe you already have the vision you need to succeed. I promise I will provide you with the resources, strategy and knowledge necessary to help you succeed even more than you can imagine. All you need to do is show up and do the work. 

I followed up with people who didn’t sign up for the Academy, 6 months after our initial phone conversation. Sadly, 50% were in exactly the same position they were in when we had our Discovery Call. The other 50% had given up completely. Fact.

Hoping your problems just disappear on their own never works, nor does trying to cut corners and figure it all out on your own.

Save yourself time, money and energy - Get the support!

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 13.22.34.png

A note from Amanda

I understand what you're feeling right now. You're excited and have 'the butterflies' but you also have the monkey mind that's chirping away in the background…

1590-Amanda Davies-Edit M copy.jpg

I understand you're probably a little bit afraid (and fear tends to disguise itself as our adult, rational voice). But I'll let you in on a secret - I believe our greatest life is on the other side of our fear. In fact, I believe fear is a good thing. It's an indicator of what we desire most. 

If you’re here, you’re ready to take the next step.

Let me just say, if there is even just a teeny part of you that's screaming, "this is it. I know that this program is for me!" I highly suggest you take a leap of faith and follow your intuition. You don't want to look back a few months from now and wish you'd made a different decision. 

Wherever you are right now is a result of your past thinking. If you're not 100% fulfilled or hitting your goals, wouldn't you agree you need to try something different?

Ask yourself right now, "What's possible for me if I invest in myself and finally get the support and step-by-step guidance I need to create and sell premium, transformational offers?"

On the flip-side, ask yourself, "Where will I be a few months from now if I don't take any action? Am I okay with nothing changing and having things in my life stay the same?"

It's ok to ask for help and that's why I'm here to support you every step of the way (along with your Academy colleagues)! It's my mission to help you overcome those fears and create a life and business beyond your wildest dreams. If my clients and I have been able to do it, believe me you can too.

If you're ready to do the work and make some magic happen, then let's do it. Now's your time and it's yours for the taking!

With love and belief in you,


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