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Create a business that sets you free. It's time to do work that matters, increase your income and impact.


  Amanda Davies, Founder - B.Psychology (Hons), Masters of Management

Amanda Davies, Founder - B.Psychology (Hons), Masters of Management

Hi, I'm Amanda Davies, business strategy expert and leadership coach for new and aspiring service-based business owners - such as coaches, creatives and consultants. 

You're here because you're ready to do work that lights you up. You're smart, motivated and fiercely committed to creating the success you dream of.

You have a clear vision for your life and your business. But one thing isn’t clear: how to get there.

That's where I come in.

Whether you want to launch and grow a business doing work you love, make more (minus the burnout), or learn to manage a team and grow a company that supports you and your life, I can help. 

Dreaming about your future is one thing, actually making it happen is another. Let's do it together.

 "Working with Amanda has changed my life. If I hadn't started her program I'd still just be thinking about growing my dream business. My dreams are now becoming my reality."


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