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Your business should set you free. It's time to do work that matters, increase your income and impact.


Hi, I'm Amanda Davies, business strategist and behavioural change expert for service-based business owners - such as coaches, experts, creatives and consultants. 

  Amanda Davies, Founder - B.Psychology (Hons), Masters of Management

Amanda Davies, Founder - B.Psychology (Hons), Masters of Management

Straight up: Our mission is to directly serve and support over 1 million purpose-driven, female business leaders across the globe. 

We believe your business needs to earn big, so you can go big with your message. 

But here’s what a lot of people miss: business growth always starts at the top. With the leader. 

My team and I can help you catapult your business using the power of social media, online growth strategies and smart, modern marketing. But we also help you develop into the impactful leader, CEO and Founder you were born to be.

You're here because your business lights you up. You're smart, motivated and fiercely committed to creating the success you dream of. You have a clear vision for your life and your business. But one thing isn’t clear: how to get there.

That's where we come in.

Whether you want to launch and grow a business doing work you love, make more (minus the burnout), or learn to manage a team and grow a company that supports you and your life, we can help.

Let's do it together.

 "How I feel after working with Amanda is exactly how I want my clients to feel after they work with me. Thank you."


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