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It's time to lead with your light

inspiration FOR BRILLIANt, heart-led entrepreneurs

The world is calling for a new generation of female business leaders. Are you ready to step into your power, take your business to the next level and spread your message like wildfire?

Why hello!

Welcome, welcome! My name's Amanda Davies and I'm a Transformational Leadership Coach, psychologist and business mentor. I help soul-seeking visionaries like you make your biggest desires in life and business happen

It's time to start impacting the lives of thousands across the globe through meaningful business and by simply being you...

I help the next generation of female business leaders step into their purpose and spread their message like wildfire.

Whether you are looking to start your dream business, progress in your career or fine-tune your existing business, I'm confident I can help you shine and create the impact you want. 

Build your dream life. Create your legacy. Change the world. 

How I can help

If you’re driven by purpose and you're ready to create meaningful change in the world, let's talk.

When women support each other, incredible things happen. We're not supposed to do this alone...