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Please note these sessions are for new and aspiring coaches, mentors, healers, consultants and solopreneurs.

Unfortunately my coaching is not well suited to multi-level marketing


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Client Results

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Her 'one year package'? It's priced at $41,500 and she sold it in one conversation...

Prior to working with me, my client Taran was selling yoga classes by the hour and struggling to fill her luxury retreats. Now she's making enormous money-months in her business by maximising her talents & cashing-in on a new business model.

Her retreats are now fully booked plus she's delivering yoga programs in Australian schools!

-Amanda has been such a breath of fresh air! From our first call I knew I had found the coach I had been looking for so many years. I have learned so much in such a small period of time! She has been a rock, exceptio (2).png
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My client Bianca just booked her first, high-ticket client

Prior to working with me, Bianca was struggling to find coaching clients. Now, she's leading a group of 150 women in a meditation challenge, booking high-ticket clients and is enjoying renewed focus in her business.

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It's also about IMPACT. My client Jo has created an inspirational magazine for young girls which is now being distributed in schools across the globe...

Not only that, she's been invited to speak at the International Women's Day conference and winning awards for her work. She's also monetising her healing practise and booking clients with ease.